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Non-Trucking Liability

Congratulations on your truck purchase!

You've signed on with a carrier and they cover your insurance. Have you thought about what happens when you are not carrying a load? Even if you count on your employer's liability insurance for protection while under a load, you also need coverage when in a non-trucking mode. Non-Trucking Liability (NTL) offers the coverage you need and the dealer can provide you with a quote today. Here are some of the benefits you will receive by taking advantage of this great program below.

Non-Trucking Liability

The Benefits


No down payment on insurance coverage if you choose to finance your premiums.


Insurance in your own name, allowing you to build a good loss history - driving your independence.


No rate increases for the duration of your finance agreement.


One point of contact for all coverages.


One payment for your truck loan and insurance.


Manage claims online with EPG's smart-phone application.

EPG's NTL coverage is second to none; here's how you can take advantage of this valuable coverage!

Non-Trucking Liability

What's Covered


Provides coverage for non-business use of a truck such as personal and noneconomic purposes, or for personal convenience outside the scope of the motor carrier's control or direction.


NTL never applies when an insured driver is under dispatch, operates on behalf of a trucking company, or is using the vehicle for any other revenue generating purpose.


Bodily injury and property damage liability**


Medical payments**


Uninsured/underinsured motorist**

**Note: If you are under dispatch this coverage WILL NOT apply.

Physical Damage Insurance

Payment Options

Speak with your dealer representative today for more information on these great products or for a brochure on the many other products we offer.


Finance in Contract

As mentioned earlier, you can finance in contract for the duration of your finance agreement.


Pay on a Monthly Basis

Receive a recurring bill on a monthly basis which allows you to lock in your rate for up to 36 months. Payments are set up for monthly bank drafts making it easy to keep the insurance in-force while you the keep the miles rolling!


Pay Up Front

Pay the total premium up front.

*Policies and claims are administered by EPG Insurance, Inc. and are underwritten by carriers with an AM Best of rating of "A" or better. Savings vary by customer and are not guaranteed. These are optional protection products. Exclusions and limitations apply. Stated coverage not available in all states. Refer to your Physical Damage contract for complete details and covered items. Please contact EPG Insurance for a full description of all applicable terms, conditions and benefits provided. ©2012 Daimler Truck Financial is a business unit of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC (MBFS). All rights reserved. Daimler Insurance Agency LLC, a subsidiary of MBFS, is the licensed insurance agency supporting the PDI Insurance program. MBFS is not an insurance company or agent. Daimler Insurance Agency may be compensated for services in connection with your policy.